In the event where the Police and prosecutor's office detain the perpetrators of the crime you have fallen victim to, and they gather evidence proving the perpetrators' guilt, the prosecutor will bring an indictment to the court.

The court is an institution that makes judgement on perpetrators' guilt and passes a sentence. Remember, in the event of court proceedings concerning your case, the court will summon you as a victim of the crime and you will testify. It is very important that, having received such a summons, you appear in court; the absence of your testimony may lead to a situation where the court finds no sufficient basis to sentence the perpetrators. Remember, your testimony constitutes important evidence in the case.

A judgement passed in the court of first instance does not always end the proceedings in the case, since the parties dissatisfied with the decision may appeal to the court of second instance. Therefore, if you do not agree with the decision issued by the court of first instance, remember that you may appeal against it. Remember that the appeal may be filed only within the time determined by law.