If you are a victim of or a witness to a hate crime, it is important that you report this incident to law enforcement agencies in the first place, and then inform our Team. If you keep the said order, we will be able to monitor the case you have reported as far as it is legally possible.

It is within the scope of activities of the Human Rights Protection Team of the Ministry of the Interior to monitor cases related to hate crimes.

If we receive notification of a hate crime, we contact the Police and obtain the information about actions taken, and then we provide feedback to the person who reported the crime. In the case where the Police has had no knowledge about the crime, they institute proceedings after receiving the information about it from the Human Rights Protection Team of the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, it is important to you, while reporting the case, to send us a description of the event (including its date and place), information whether and where the case has been already reported, as well as to leave us your contact details (name, address, e-mail). Having received the information from the Team, the Police will contact you in order to receive your testimony.